Mix’n Match’n 101: DIY Ombre Skirt

I just recently uploaded a tutorial for DIY: Ombre Skirt with Mayan Print on my Youtube Channel. If you want to see how I made this cute skirt, just visit my channel and don’t forget to subscribe!


I wore the skirt to work, two days after I made it. I paired it with a plain black spaghetti strapped top, a 3/4ths black bolero, and my black leather half boots.

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I hope you guys liked it and don’t forget to comment below 🙂


DIY: Ombre Hair for Asian Hair

“Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting;

    but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.”

-Proverbs 31:30 NIV

This is a cheap, quick and easy way to have an ombre hair without using hair color or spending too much money in the salon. For a more detailed tutorial, please subscribe to my Youtube Channel:

ombre cover

What is Ombre Hair?

It’s a type of hair style where the upper portion of the hair is darker, then gradually gets lighter through the tips.

What you need:

  1. Hydrogen Peroxide (Agua Oxinada)
  2. Empty Spray Bottle



  1. Pour in some hydrogen peroxide to the empty spray bottle
  2. Get a portion of your hair that you want to lighten, if you are really going for the ombre hair it should be the lower part
  3. Spray on the hydrogen peroxide until it’s damp
  4. Towel dry, but not too dry
  5. Repeat as needed.


Don’t forget to comment and tell me if this worked for you.

The Best Dried Mangoes in Town

You forget that the fruits belong to all and that the land belongs to no one.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau

I’ve been wanting to write to you guys for a long time now, but I don’t know why it took me months to come up with something. Maybe I had been in what others call a writer’s block.

Now I braved the odds and flipped my laptop lid and followed my heart to my fingertips, to tell share what I feel about dried mangoes 🙂

I went to Cebu just recently and tried a lot of local delicacies there. Of course, top of my must-try list are dried mangoes. I like the mango as a fruit on its own and also loved the idea that it can be eaten in several different ways. I sometimes buy packs of dried mangoes from grocery stores but word is, dried mangoes are best in Cebu so why waste the opportunity?

Just a bit of a background, the mango is a fleshy stone fruit belonging to the genus Mangifera, consisting of numerous tropical fruiting trees in the flowering plant family Anacardiaceae. The mango is native to South Asia, from where it has been distributed worldwide to become one of the most cultivated fruits in the tropics. While other Mangifera species (e.g. horse mango, M. foetida) are also grown on a more localized basis, Mangifera indica – the ‘common mango’ or ‘Indian mango’ – is the only mango tree commonly cultivated in many tropical and subtropical regions. It is the national fruit of India,[1] Pakistan and the Philippines, and the national tree of Bangladesh. — https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mango

I picked a couple of bags and I came up with three brands which I made a little review of; disclaimer- all possible negative comments are of my personal pov and no malicious intent:

Joanna Dried Mangoes– The cheapest that I found, only around P30.00. Most of you will recognize this easily because this is the same product being sold in M. Lhuillier Stores. I picked this because the dried mangoes looked nice and perfect. Verdict – it tastes more like sour worms than dried mangoes. I felt that it was synthesized and not from real mangoes, maybe that’s why it looked really perfect when it comes to color & shape. This is my least favorite.

Philippine’s Brand Mango Chocolate – I am surprised I can’t find a website for this but you can find lots of chocolate dried mangoes online– but not this particular brand.  It’s my first time to try chocolate dried mangoes and first time I heard of it, so I gave it a try. Just to share a little bit I am not a chocolate lover so I am not sure if I will really like it. Anyway this dried mangoes variation claims to be dried mangoes coated in belgian chocolate. Verdict – not bad. But the chocolate overpowered the mango taste so I am not really a fan. But if you love chocolate then I think this one’s a good twist. A lot of my friends are crazy over it.

7D Dried Mangoes – This is a little expensive, around P150.00. At first look the shape and the sizes of the dried mangoes are not as perfect as Joanna’s Dried Mangoes but the taste, is PERFECT for me. Verdict – Awesome! I would recommend this for everyone who haven’t tried dried mangoes yet. This should be the one for your dried mango baptism. You would still feel that you are eating mangoes, the fruit’s fiber is still there, and you will know that it was really made from real mangoes.

Alright, please feel free to comment below and tell me about your dried mango experience 🙂

Mix’n Match’n 101 : The Grunge

The past is strapped to our backs.  We do not have to see it; we can always feel it. 

~Mignon McLaughlin, The Neurotic’s Notebook, 1960

I’ve always loved the 90’s fashion. Who can forget 90’s IT Girls Alicia Silverstone & Liv Tyler?
I’m not trying to look like them (that’s a looooooong shot) but I hope I accomplished the 2013 version of The Grunge Look!

For this look I have a white tee which originally had the giraffe print, I had to cut slices on the sleeves and put silver ribbons to keep it in place. I also added some sequins to add more texture.

I also put on blue denim shorts from T+BC and City Lady fishnet stockings. For my footwear; my favorite Tomato green boots!

Mix’n Match’n 101: Chanelling Ms. Tapia

“The master said, “A true teacher is one who, keeping the past alive, is also able to understand the present.”
(Analects 2.11)”

Who wants to look like Ms. Tapia? I know, the Iskul Bukol teacher was well loved but whenever a girl is given the comment; “you look like Miss Tapia”, that comment’s gotta be not to flatter.

You know what, I noticed recently I’ve been trying so hard to look like an office girl because of a new job description. I can no longer wear chucks on Mondays! What a bummer!  So how would I do it without looking like Miss Tapia. Let’s see if all the effort paid off:

miss tapia project

For this outfit; I used a black long sleeved polo, a school girl skirt for the 30-never look and skin-tone stilettos — I don’t even know if these shoes even qualify as stilettos. I’m a flat shoes lover and of course a stiletto hater, that’s why I can only handle 1-inch heels. Not to mention the foot sores at the end of the day! Oh, also in this picture I get to show off my new salmon pink satchel bag!

Mix’n Match’n 101: Secretary in Hot Pants

“There is no dignity
quite so impressive,
and no independence
quite so importantu
as living within your means.”
Calvin Coolidge

Living within your means is indeed dignified. And I’m not rich. Hahaha. So what does an average girl like me do to fulfill her fashion cravings? Well, there’s the bazaar, there’s upcycling and there’s mix’n & match’n.

So here’s another cheap-side outfit of the day, but deserving enough to be worn to the office. I actually took the photos after my shift, using my old school Samsung Omnia 5mp camera.

The star of this outfit is my new wool hot pants which I got for a very good bargain. I paired it with a black secretary blouse, black stockings, black doll shoes with snake skin design and my favorite geeky eyeglasses.

Since the entire look is based on dark colors, I wore bright red lip-shade to break the gloomy palette. I honestly had fun imagining and bringing this look to life. I hope you had fun reading too.

Now Hiring: Technical Support

  • Company: Sykes Asia, Inc.
  • Employee Group: Permanent (Full-time)
  • Category: Technical Support Agent
  • Site/Location: K-Pointe, Q.C
  • Hiring ON GOING





Successful candidates will provide efficient technical support to one of the leading internet providers worldwide.
– Provides first line voice technical / customer service- Accountable for timely and accurate response to clients’ technical issues and concerns- Ensures quality and accuracy in all phone and ticket transactions
– College level- Knowledge in DSL and internet connectivity- Excellent English communication skills- Willingness to work on shifting schedules and in Gilmore, Quezon City

Mix’n Match’n 101: Recessionista Long-back Gypsy Dress

“Thrift is not an affair of the pocket, but an affair of character. “

~S.W. Straus

So I’ve been seeing a lot of long back skirts recently and I’m really digging it. I went to check some at department stores and whoa! they’re pretty expensive! So I thought; why not make my own?

I went home and ransacked my closet and found one of my old gypsy dresses and let Mr. Snippy Scissor do the rest of the magic. I wore the dress to work and a lot of my office mates loved it. Some said I looked like anime- though I wasn’t really going for the look.

Recessionista Longback Gypsey Dress

Also, part of the outfit is a see-through black 3/4’s blazer which I got from a bazaar, black elastic belt from Shopwise, and green boots from Tomato.

Mix’n Match’n 101: Crochet Green Free Collar

“I am dressing for myself, not for the eyes of others.”

– My Mom

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, and now I’m ready to show you my Crochet Free Collar. I’ve matched it with my favorite cotton blazer, black pleated skirt & green flat Parisian Beyonce shoes which I got from SM to look like an office girl (somehow?)

Oh, and I also made the earrings out of gauge wire which my friend Princess sent me from Canada — why cant I find any store here in the Philippines that sell gauge wire 😦

Hooked on Dolls

“I’m not an addict. I’m just hooked. And crochet is my fix.”

– Me

I realized that sometimes words are really not enough; and blogs don’t have to be too elaborate to share a point. So here I go;  with a sneak peak to my latest projects. I know they’re not perfect but I’m getting there! (I hope so).

The Purple Gangsta Octopus for my former boss.
The Purple Gangsta Octopus for my former boss.
My friend Jen is a Piglet fan, so I made this pocket sized just for her.
My friend Jen is a Piglet fan, so I made this pocket sized just for her.